It’s the photos from inside the home that has Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard extremely concerned.

The pictures show two rooms: one set up like a children's classroom, the other a bedroom with children’s drawings on the wall. What are they doing in the home of a man busted on a laundry list of child pornography charges?

"After seeing the pictures of the inside of this person’s home I’m worried that we’ve got real, live victims in our own community," Bouchard said.

The photos come from the home of 43-year-old Mark Barron. Barron was busted by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department after police in Oklahoma called the department to tell them they found child pornography coming from a Michigan cellphone number.

Bouchard's team has been working it for months, going through multiple phone numbers and aliases of Barron and while the evidence they have against him is massive, Bouchard is worried not only about Barron sharing child porn but that he may have victimized children here in the community to make it.

Sources say the latest item of child porn Barron was looking for were images of child rape.

If you recognize Barron or have had any suspicions about him in the past, Bouchard asks that either you call his department or the Hazel Park police.

Photo of children's classroom inside Barron's Hazel Park home -- Oakland County Sheriff's Department