A 28-year-old Rochester Hills man could be charged with filing a false police report after the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said he made up a story about being confronted by two men to get attention from a woman.

In a statement about the incident, the Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called to Woodside apartments on Woodview at about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday to take the 28-year-old’s report about the confrontation.

The man told deputies he had been walking on a wooded trail when two strange men, one armed with a gun, called him a terrorist, took a knife he had in a pocket and held it against his neck while they searched him for money.

The strangers then fled.

The Sheriff’s Office said the man went to a friend’s apartment and waited 45 minutes before calling for help.

While interviewing him, deputies said they found inconsistencies in his story. He later confessed that he had been trying to get the attention of a woman he was going to visit in another apartment.

The Sheriff’s Office said they are now calling the victim a suspect and that he’s enrolled in law school.

His name isn’t being released, pending charges.