Detroit Dog Rescue had a crew out in the 2 degree weather Tuesday morning, looking for animals who were orphaned or left outside by their owners. On Local 4 News Morning they shared their advice for caring for pets in cold weather.

 Doggie Fitness During Extreme Cold Weather – Some people take their dogs out for a walk or a run during this weather. Here’s how Detroit Dog Rescue recommends you keep your dog safe and warm outdoors:

  • Providing insulated doggie vests or sweaters to protect core body temperature
  • Pet boots - paw pad protection
  • Reducing outdoor play and walking times during severe weather periods

 Food Nutrition - dogs that spend most of their time outdoors may need more calories to maintain their energy in cold weather

  • Providing enough fresh water (not allowing water bowl to free
  • Serving dry dog food with a touch of warm water or broth

Shelter - A key message for DDR is its Dog Days of Winter campaign that works to educate dog owners on the importance of proper sheltering and bedding for outdoor dogs

  • the importance of having the right size dog house
  • providing the right bedding in a dog house to include straw (not hay) to help provide levels padding and insulation that will help keep a dog house warm

Pet Safety & Winter Hazards - beyond cold weather winter time can also provide other hazards to dogs.

  • dogs can get frostbite on their paws when exposed to long periods outside
  •  Ice melt (salt) and other antifreeze products can be harmful if lodged between paws, cause chemical burns and be toxic is licked and digested.