Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet has been missing since her Brownstown Township home went up in flames in January.

Friday, Collier-Sweet's husband, Roger Sweet, was charged in the death of his first wife, who died in 1990.

Collier-Sweet is the reason David Dangerfield watched in court Friday -- his godmother has been missing for more than two months.

"I just want Roger to see my face to know it's not something people aren't going to forget about," Dangerfield said. "A lot of people still love her."

When firefighters rushed to the Sweets' burning home in January, police said Collier-Sweet was nowhere to be found.

Brownstown Township police Lt. Robert Grant said when Roger Sweet was asked about his wife's whereabouts, he said if he had to guess she was probably dead in the woods.

Grant said he has been searching ever since.

The case files fill a box next to his desk, and newspaper clippings are front and center in the detective bureau.

"Lizzie Collier-Sweet is out there somewhere," Grant said. "I believe she has met with foul play. Each and every day we search for her. My investigation will not be closed until we find her."

Police told Local 4 Collier-Sweet's diary was found after the fire. In it, she wrote that her husband was becoming more violent after she confronted him about his affair with a mentally-impaired teenage girl. Roger Sweet was later charged with that crime.

Investigators said the fire was deliberately set. It was reported at 10:14 a.m., and Roger Sweet had arrived at work five hours earlier.

Police also said gasoline had been poured throughout most of the house except for the room in which the fire started.

"(It was) possibly a delayed mechanism in the arson fire itself," Grant said.

Police have strong suspicions against Roger Sweet but no incriminating evidence.

Grant said he believes Roger Sweet may have loaded the body of his wife into his van and dumped it in the Rouge River behind a Ford plant where he works.

Police will begin an intense search of the river in two weeks. Police said they must wait for ice in the Detroit River to melt since it flows through to the Rouge.

Brownstown Township police also said they are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this case, and Colllier-Sweet is now in a national missing persons registry.

Police said they were getting five to 10 tips a day, and now they said they receive an average of one a day.

Those who have any information about Collier-Sweet should contact Brownstown Township police.

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