Police Confiscate Synthetic Drugs

Police: Drugs Disguised As Bath Salts, Incense

Published On: Jun 04 2012 02:34:51 PM EDT   Updated On: Feb 11 2011 07:08:19 AM EST

Michigan State Police said more than 15,000 illegal items, including K2 and bath salts, were confiscated from a Madison Heights store.

Police said the items are drugs used for hallucinogenic highs and come in flavors like cotton candy, cherry and apple spice. The items were being pushed toward children, police said. The drugs were disguised and advertised as bath salts and incense.

"The dangers are you don't know what is in it," Michigan State Police Officer Ellis Stafford said. "If you got a gram of bath salts in a tub of water, is it really going to do any good? And you get a complimentary pipe with it?"

Stafford said the items were being sold along with pipes. He said it was an obvious red flag for parents.

"Common sense says this is not what it's being sold as," Stafford said. "I'm so proud of our team for getting it off the streets and away from our kids."