Police said several passengers were injured Tuesday night when a bus crashed into a pole near the intersection of Gratiot Avenue and State Fair Street in Detroit.

Two other vehicles were damaged in the crash. Police said injuries were non-life-threatening.

Witnesses told Local 4 that there were about 15 people on the bus. Police said more than a dozen people were injured.

They said a mother and two teenagers were in the sports utility vehicle that was involved in the crash and a man was behind the wheel of the red sedan.

Nicole Spearman said her aunt and cousins were in the SUV. She said the three were hurt but would be OK.

"My aunt called me because she said she was in an accident," Spearman said. "She said that this burgundy car ... had tried to come out on the street passed her and he was trying to beat the bus, but ended up hitting the bus and ended up hitting her and she spun this way and then the bus came up on the curb."

Police removed all passengers from the bus and those who were injured were taken to a hospital.

The driver of the sedan appeared to suffer the most serious injuries.

Witnesses said the collision sounded like a bomb.

Police were investigating whether alcohol played a role in the crash.

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