Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet has been missing since January when her home caught fire.

Police said they are getting tips from people who claim they have seen Collier-Sweet.

So far there have been at least three sightings, but police said they looked into all of the leads and found nothing.

Police said since they put her picture on TV, people are saying they saw a woman who matched Collier-Sweet's description -- but it has not been her.

A previous search for her body in the Rouge River turned up nothing, police said.

Collier-Sweet's husband Roger Sweet remains in jail after being charged with killing his first wife in 1990, police said.

Police said they have strong suspicions against Roger Sweet but no incriminating evidence.

Brownstown Township police Lt. Robert Grant said when Roger Sweet was asked about his wife's whereabouts, he said if he had to guess she was probably dead in the woods.

Grant said he has been searching ever since.

"Lizzie Collier-Sweet is out there somewhere," Grant said. "I believe she has met with foul play. Each and every day we search for her. My investigation will not be closed until we find her."

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