Search crews in boats, on the ground, and in the sky searched for Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet on Thursday, a Brownstown Township woman who has been missing since January.

Police concluded the search late Thursday afternoon and said they did not find any clues during the search.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department, Brownstown Township police and the Coast Guard are working to find evidence that may help crack the case.

Collier-Sweet has been missing since her home went up in flames in January.

One of the areas police searched was the Rouge River in Dearborn near the Ford truck plant.

"We have a couple of boats that will be in the Rouge that will be looking for remains," Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans said. "We have a mounted unit that is out to go through the wooded areas. The Coast Guard has been generous enough to lend to the group a helicopter, which will give us air support."

Evans said ground crews will be searching culverts around the river for remains.

Police said they decided to search that area after investigators learned Collier-Sweet's husband, Roger Sweet, worked at the truck plant.

Investigators also said they received a tip from an inmate who knew Roger Sweet that leads them to believe Collier-Sweet's body could possibly be in that area.

Roger Sweet, was recently charged in the death of his first wife, who died in 1990, and police said they consider him a suspect in his wife's disappearance.

When firefighters rushed to the Sweets' burning home in January, police said Collier-Sweet was nowhere to be found.

Brownstown Township police Lt. Robert Grant said when Roger Sweet was asked about his wife's whereabouts, he said if he had to guess she was probably dead in the woods.

Grant said he has been searching ever since.

Police said they have been tracking Collier-Sweet's credit card and cell phone usage and have seen no activity since her disappearance.

"There's always the hope that you will find evidence," Evans said. "But you have to rule out areas and as the investigation goes on we want to be able to say clearly that the areas we searched today had nothing so let's move on."

The FBI has put her information out throughout the U.S. and Canada, Brownstown Township Deputy Police Chief James Sclater said.

"We have not had any credible information to indicate that she's on a dessert beach someplace or someplace in the United States," Sclater said.

There is a $6,000 reward being offered. Those who have any information on Collier-Sweet or Roger Sweet are being asked to contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

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