Police chief Ralph Godbee's wife speaks out on Twitter

Published On: Oct 03 2012 07:15:40 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 03 2012 08:14:57 PM EDT

Chief Ralph Godbee's wife has taken to Twitter as her husband faces allegations of cheating on her with two other women, including one of his subordinates.

In her first tweet, Yolanda Godbee's (username LifeexpMarie) said, "Wow looks like the chief is not who we all thought he was so sad."

Dr. Linda Schonberg, a psychotherapist, offered perspective on Mrs. Godbee's tweets.

"It sounds bizarre and yet people will do whatever they can to figure out things that don't make sense to them," Schonberg said.

Godbee followed up her initial tweet with one directed specifically at one of her husband's alleged girlfriends.

"Don't let this man bring you down know that you are never the only one in his life don't ruin your life he's no good," she said.

"Sometimes it's inappropriate to go to Twitter, of course, about your own drama, but it's a way to try to make sense of some things that might not make any sense to you," said Schonberg.