Poll: Cleaning toilets, creating world peace more appealing to people than creating more online passwords

Harris Interactive polls says nearly 3 in 5 (58%) of adults have 5 or more unique online passwords

Published On: Aug 24 2012 01:09:23 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 24 2012 01:09:47 PM EDT

It looks like Americans would rather scrub a toilet or try to create world peace than try to think of yet another username or password for one of their myriad of online accounts.

According to a Harris Interactive poll, commissioned by Janrain, 38 percent of people think it sounds more appealing to tackle household chores – from folding the laundry to cleaning bathrooms – than to try and come up with another new user name or password. The poll also said 38 percent of adults sometimes think it would be easier to solve world peace than attempt to remember all their passwords.

“With all of the different websites consumers login to on a regular basis – from email and social networks to online banking and ecommerce sites – it’s no wonder people are struggling to remember such a large number of passwords,” said Larry Drebes, CEO of Janrain.

The poll was conducted online between July 20-24, 2012 among a nationwide cross section of 2,208 adults.

Oh Man, I Have to Create Another One?

Most consumers know that it’s important to create a variety of strong, original passwords to protect their identity online. The problem however lies in trying to come up with different logins for a myriad of different sites…and actually remember them all.

Open Sesame

Having to remember whether that secret combination of letters and numbers unlocks the online gate to a bank account or an Etsy account appears to be weighing heavily on many people; nearly four in 10 think taking on the problems of the world sounds more appealing.

Getting to Know You

Frustration with the registration process doesn’t end with the requirement to create a new username and password combination. The majority of adults prickle at the prospect of having to enter their personal information and register at another website. The problem may lie in the fact that most people are unclear as to how a site is using that information.