PONTIAC, Mich. -

A 14-year-old was charged in Oakland County on Wednesday for a bomb threat that forced a Pontiac school to evacuate.

The teen is charged with a 5 year felony after police say a bomb threat was made at Pontiac High School Tuesday.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office said a suspicious package was reported just after 9 a.m. The school evacuated students and dismissed classes for the day.

Watch: Pontiac High School evacuated after suspicious package found.

"They called us during third hour and told everyone to evacuate the area because they said there was a bomb threat and we all had to leave," said student William Randall.

A backpack belonging to the suspect was found in the school but no explosive device was found inside.

The school was searched and cleared by bomb sniffing dogs. Two homes were also searched in Pontiac during the scare.  

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office says they takes these kinds of threats seriously and will always respond accordingly to investigate and arrest anyone who threatens safety of citizens and school children.

The student is being held and his pre-trial is set for May 6th at which time bond will be issued