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Lions fans react to loss

Most fans outside Ford Field were not too pleased with the Lions loss.

Football night kicking off in Detroit

The Detroit Lions are taking on the Denver Broncos for their home opener Sunday evening.

Detroit prepares for Sunday Night Football at Ford Field

Nick Monacelli was live from Ford Field Sunday as the Detroit Lions prepare for a Sunday Night…

Sunday Night Football bus comes to Detroit

The Lions host the Broncos on Sunday.

See inside! NBC Sunday Night Football bus in Detroit

The excitement of football is here in Detroit with the NBC Sunday Night Football bus!

UAW and FCA resume negotiations

The union leadership is promising better communication with workers.

2.3 million Indians apply for 368 jobs

When the call went out for 368 low-level bureaucrats in Uttar Pradesh, India, more than 2.3 million…

Ruth to the Rescue: New loan changes

Ruth explains what these changes mean.

Ruth to the Rescue: Fall travel savings in Michigan

Ruth explains how to save by staying in Michigan for a trip in the autumn.

UAW-FCA vote fails; what's next?

Rod Meloni discusses what's next in the contract negotiations.

UAW appears to have rejected FCA contract deal

So now what? Rod Meloni reports.