Discussing the $9,198,153 generated in revenues by FEI onh the Book Cadillac. Rataj says that doesn't include costs and expenses. Right says Beeckman. 

Rataj done. Jim Thomas has no cross. 

9:27AM Chutkow redirects. 

Chutkow says Shea asked questions about a conversation between Kwame and Bernard. 

"you got to stay away from that little guy..." says Kwame to Bernard. 

"From Chi". Government had indicated "Chi' was nickname for Andre Cunningham. 

Shea mentioned someone called Cooper or Jeffrey Beasley possibly being "Chi". Neither one of these men were under federal investigation of the time. 

Beeckman says that Andrew Cunningham is from Chicago. September 16th 2007 was when the NJ sting operation on Cunningham was revealed. Three weeks before the phone call 

She objects about the timing. Beeckman corrects himself and says it was 2 months before. 

Going back to the Club Rain text about "the white boy thinks he is slick." 

Chutkow asks if private jobs need public permits. Yes says Beeckman a building permit, and then a "cabaret" license for dancing. 

"Club Rain. The white boy thinks he is slick....Is it alright if BLDS safety f$%ks with his permit." 

Beeckman says that head of Building and Safety was Amru Meah who reported to Kwame. 

9:33AM Thomas decides he wants to do cross. 

On this Club Rain exchange from March 20th 2003. 

Thomas asks if Kwame says anywhere on the text where he agrees to "f$%%" with his permits. 

Thomas says that Bobby is known to spew off. Yes says Beeckman.

 Thomas asks if anywhere in the text that Kwame encourages Bobby. No says Beeckman. 

9:35AM Rataj back to cross. 

Text from June 29th 2004 between Bobby and Kwame. 

Chutkow objects to an article that Rataj wants to introduce. Rataj asks for a sidebar to discuss it. 

Judge sustains the objection and disallows the exhibit. Moving on. 

Asks Beeckman if he has ever seen an article from Crain's about Ferguson's company. 

Beeckman says he doesn't think he has seen the article. 

Rataj has no further questions.