9:41AM And back to the Club Rain text. 

Chutkow says going back to Thomas's question about Kwame encouraging Ferguson's behavior.

Chutkow asks if anywhere on the text the mayor asks of this is an inappropriate request to make of him.

Thomas objects and judge sustains. 

Chutkow asks is at any time there were any exchanges where Kwame says the behavior was inappropriate. 

No says Beeckman.

9:43AM Chutkow calls EPA agent Carol Paszkiewicz to the stand. 

Thomas asks to be excused to go to the bathroom. 

Chutkow asking about Rowena Schuch's testimony on Monday where she presented chart of checks to cash/ cash withdrawals. 

There were numerous checks with memo line that said "truck parts". Paszkiewicz agrees that was the case. 

January 15th 2009 was when the witness conducted search of FEI. Found the checks in the credenza in his desk area. 

Looking at Bobby's office picture showing his desk. There was a credenza with lots of partition organizers. it had filing cabinet drawers. 

Witness found canceled checks, negotiated checks. Two binders of checks yet to be written- 3 checks to a sheet with carbons. 

Witness says that after testimony about checks with "truck parts" in memo line, she went back to look through check book. 

Looking at a check from FEI for $8,500 on October 25 2007. Written out to Bobby Ferguson. Signed by Bobby Ferguson. 

Witness says she found negotiated checks to various entities, including outside entities. 

Found a check to Golden Sun, a jewelry store in Southfield. 

Witness looked at carbons and negotiated canceled checks seized to find Golden Sun. 

Check on September 12th 2003 for $9,900. Made out to Golden Sun but memo line reads "truck parts." Signed by Ferguson. 

Chutkow says does Golden sun sell truck parts. No says the witness. 

Now looking at Comerica transaction information for this check. Negotiated on September 12th 2003. 

Also looking at stub to Golden Sun for "truck parts" for $9,900. 

Stub and original check were not attached to each other. 

Now looking at the carbon for the same check. Can't read out who it's made out to but same date and reads "truck parts" in memo line. 

Looking at another September 12th 2003 check to Golden Sun for $9,500. Memo line reads "truck parts.". It's the next sequential check, 1006 where the previous one was 1005. Also cashed the same day.