No further questions. 

9:58AM Rataj cross examines. 

Rataj asks if witness remembers Schuch's testimony. She does. 

Witness says she facilitated staff at the US Attorney's office to give Schuch information to create her chart. 

Thomas just back from his bathroom break. 

Witness says there were less than 100 negotiated checks that she seized. 

Rataj says but there were other agents involved in the execution of the warrants. Asks if it's possible to assume that other agents seized checks. 

Witness doesn't know this but concedes it's possible. 

Looking at the October 25th 2007 check made out to Ferguson where memo line reads "truck parts." 

"You can't tell this jury what Mr. Ferguson did with this money," asks Rataj. 

No says witness. 

Looking at the FBI checks made out to Golden Sun. 

Witness says she doesn't know how many medallions were purchased with the check. At least one was. 

Distracted by reading a Crain's article from June 2009 that states that Gary Yee, the manager of Southfield jewelry store Golden Sun, pleaded guilty that year to money laundering at his store. According to the article, Yee would allow purported drug dealers to buy jewelry to conceal their income. Seems he conducted more than $1.5 million in transactions in an 8 year period. 

Looking at 3 other checks that do not indicate "truck parts" in memo line but "raffle" and "bonus." 

Looking at check for $21,000 from 2007 that reads "graphics" in the memo line. 

Counsel heads for sidebar. 

10:16AM Not sure what the issue is exactly but we are taking a 10 minute break for the jury. 

Jury gone. 

Some of the lawyers have left the room as have Kwame and Bernard. Rataj getting papers together.

10:20AM Chutkow addresses a September 17th 2007 receipt of funds exhibit. Opposing to relevance of defense exhibits and witness's ability to address them. 

Relevance beyond the scope of witness has to say. Chutkow says they are not suggesting they don't know what he did with all of the cash. With 2 of them, he bought jewelry and wrote "truck parts." 

Rataj says he is going to give the jury concrete examples of what the money was used for. 

Rataj says all he is trying to do is give the jury a concrete example of what is written in the memo line correlated to what was bought. 

Judge doesn't have a problem with that. Worried about where the document he is using came from.