Judge seems to have a problem with the time frame. Thinks it might be very confusing if she didn't participate in the time frame. If she was there in 1999, it's not relevant. 

Has to do with Carlita's peer mediation an conflict resolution that she was paid for at the school. 

Gary Leeman is to be first defense witness who will be voire dired before the jury comes back. 

11:16AM Bullotta is questioning the defense witness. 

Leeman is CPA in Michigan. 

Has no more specialized training in 501c4s. 

Witness has not provided advice to his clients on 501c4. 

This guy's hair is so distracting. There is a wispy tuft of white hair sticking straight up on his mostly bald head. 

Witness says usually his cases are civil cases, tort issues, but currently he has 3 criminal issues. Has never testified on a RICO claim. 

Bullotta trying to establish if he is an expert. Bullotta has no problem with this witness. 

11:21AM Defense calls it's first witness. Not Leeman but a woman who may be a sales director at the Athenaeum Hotel. 

Judge instructing that the defense has no obligation to provide witnesses but Kwame wants to do so. 

Sophie Plastiras is the witness. She is sales director at the International Banquet Center by Greektown Casino. Has been there 12 years. She usually books events and goes over food and beverage with event planner. 

Remembers a party for Marvel Cheeks. Says government retrieved records for the birthday party. Doesn't remember who came. 

Made documents available to the feds. 

Plastiras says there was an event for Kwame's birthday on June 9th 2006. Looking at the "Splash of Red" invitation for Kwame's party. 

Witness says she helped set up the party at the ballroom in the Athenaeum. The capacity of the room is 900 to 1,200. Another 400 in the balcony so maximum is 1,600. 

Witness recalls the birthday celebration. Kwame came in wearing black with a spash of red. Same thing with Carlita. Don Barden, Jim Pappas and Ted Gatzaros were there. There were roughly 1,500 people there. Party started at 8pm. Witness didn't stay until the end.

Witness says the menu was basically hors d'oeuvres. It was cash bar. 

36 marked in grey on the invitation. 

11:32AM Bullotta cross examines. 

Looking at check for $2,500 from Kilpatrick Civic Fund to the Athenaeum hotel on May 8th 2009. The money was for Marvel Cheeks's birthday celebration. Doesn't recall how many people were at the party.

Looking at witness's signature on banquet event order. She recognizes it for the 90th birthday celebration on may 15th 2009. 

Grand total $6,620 for the party. $2,500 paid by the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. 

11:36AM Thomas redirects.