Thomas asks if she knows if there were people other than the Kilpatrick's at the event. She can't remember. 

She did go over with the food and beverage but can't remember who it was with. 

Witness agrees this event was in 2009 and that she remembers the Splash of Red event better even though it was earlier in 2006. 

"It was more of a bonding type of thing," she says of dealing with Carlita on Kwame's birthday. 

It was a plated chicken dinner for 140 adults for Marvel's 90th. 

Witness says the government came to her 3 years ago about Marvel's event, right after it happened. 

Witness steps down. Think the point of her was to prove how many people there were at the Splash of Red party in 2006. 

11:39AM Thomas calls Gary Leeman to the stand. 

CPA licensed in Michigan. Practice located in Farmington Hills. Do research in other parts of the country. 

Witness's specialty is forensic accounting. Says he is an investigative accountant to find out answers to problems like embezzlements, divorce case, issues like malpractice, anything related to personal injury. 

Thomas says he has been retained and appointed to look into a specific area of the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. 

Asks him if he is part of the Association of Certified Tax Practitoners. He is. 

It's hard to follow this guy. Painfully dry and esoteric. 

Going over the witness's resume. Witness has not been suspended from any associations. 

Witness says he has testified over 150 times over the years. 

Thomas moves to have him qualified as an expert witness. 

Witness says he has looked at articles of incorporation for the Kilpatrick Civic Fund as well as application for tax exempt status.

11:50AM Leeman says he prepared a chart comparing 501c4s and 501c4s. 

Witness says a 501c4 is an entity accepted by the state of Michigan and approved by the IRS. Usually referred to as a social welfare organization. 

Witness says it allows for different activities than the 501c3. Both are non profits and exempt. 

A person employed by a non profit could receive wages. But you won't get dividends from the organization. 

501c4 can performing lobbying services says the witness. 501c3 has limited capabilities for lobbying. 

Thomas asks witness to describe lobbying. Witness says potential influencing to make something happen that you want to take place- majorly paraphrasing. 

Thomas asks him to describe lobbying for the jury. Witness says a lobbyist is someone who has a position who convinces someone with power to permit lobbyist's organization to do what it wants to do. again paraphrasing a convoluted response. 

Witness says a 501c3 can take a charitable deduction on tax return. on 501c4 is general, contribution in general is not deductible.