Looking at the certification of the application of the Kilpatrick Civic Fund for tax exempt status.

Thomas,  once again is going over the Articles of Incorporation for the Kilpatrick Civic Find.  Killing us all slowly.  The tact appears to be an attempt at validating the personal expenses of Kilpatrick. 

The Summary of Cash Deposits Chart for Kwame from 2001 to 2008 is on display.  Thomas suggest all the cash transactions have not been included in the chart. 

The expert testifies the data is flawed if all the cash transactions are not included.  They used many more words than that, but that is the idea. 

Thomas has no further questions. 

5 min break.

The government begins its cross of the defense expert.

Leeman admits he has never testified in a criminal case before today, he has never worked for the IRS, and has not reviewed any of the evidence in this case. 

Bulotta displays a chart illustrating cash deposits made by Kwame Kilpatrick and asks if the cash deposited were bribes or extortion payments would they be taxable?

Leeman say they would be taxable and reportable. 

Bulotta asks if funds from the Civic Fund could be used for a political candidate?  Leeman agrees, that would not be legal.  

The tape of Kilpatrick in his campaign claiming "not one penny from the civic fund has been used because that is not legal." 

Leeman agrees. 

The Cadillac lease is brought up, the answer is long and boring - but, generally the use must be highly documented in order for consideration. 

Bulotta asks if yoga lessons would be allowable from the civic fund - Leeman laughs, and says: "not even close." 

So far, the defense witnesses have done more for the Government than the defense. 

Mercifully, the judge calls it for today. 

Leeman is not available for tomorrow, so he will be back next Tuesday.  We will carry-on with the next witness tomorrow at 9am

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