Rihanna tour bus stopped at Detroit-Canada border, agents find marijuana

Individual cited for marijuana on Rihanna tour bus, allowed to continue into country

Published On: Mar 20 2013 03:09:54 PM EDT   Updated On: Mar 20 2013 05:12:02 PM EDT

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday an individual on a bus associated with Rihanna’s tour that was crossing from Canada into Detroit has been cited for possession of marijuana.  

In a statement to Local 4, Border Protection said the bus was crossing into the U.S. via the Ambassador Bridge when one of the 10 buses was stopped for a secondary inspection after agents smelled marijuana.

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A drug-sniffing dog discovered a small amount of marijuana on a person and they were given a civil penalty.

The individual and the rest of the buses were allowed to continue in the states.

Rihanna performed in Toronto on Tuesday and is slated to perform at Joe Louis Arena on Thursday.