Is NBC planning on bringing back the gang from “Friends” next year? Fans of the hit comedy hit the social media world hard when they got word that the show might be back in 2014.

 Turns out their excitement was premature.

 According to a Daily Caller report on April 16, NBC is not planning a “Friends” comeback. The rumor started on a website that appears to be a not so credible source.

 Star Media, a website with which no one is familiar, reported that “Friends” would return for an 11th season in 2014. But Daily Caller says this particular report is not true and there are absolutely no plans to bring “Friends” back to the small screen.

 NBC has outright denied that “Friends” would have an 11th season or a reunion special. “Friends” went off the air in 2004 with Chandler and Monica adopting twins and moving to their dream house. In the “Friends” series finale fans were left believing that Ross and Rachel also got their happy ending, and that Phoebe and Mike started a family. Joey went to Hollywood to become a big star. “Joey,” the ill-fated spin-off from “Friends” starred Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani. “Joey” lasted 46 episodes before it was canceled.