A sick kitten was rescued in Hamtramck after a plea for help on craigslist.org.

Wednesday night a Hamtramck woman says she heard what sounded like crying coming from outside of her home on Hanel Street.

She found a kitten alone in the snow.

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The cats eyes were crusted shut and it was having problems breathing.

With no access to a car the woman took to the website Craigslist for help.

She posted a image of the sickly kitten with the caption HELP!

Within an hour the woman says she was bombarded with calls and emails from people who wanted to help.

Melissa Franklin, of Harrison Township, was browsing the website when she saw the post.

The image of the cat was shocking.

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With a quick text to a friend, the gears of fate were put into motion for the kitten.

It was picked up from Hamtramck and delivered to the care of 4 Paws 1 Heart in Harper Woods.

The kitten, named Snickers, is under weight and suffering from a sever respiratory infection.

4 Paws 1 Heart is a 501C charitable organization that funds medical treatment for abandoned and homeless animals.

Veterinary technician and co-founder of the organization Gina Deluca says the kitten may lose an eye if he survives the ordeal.

In a Facebook update Thursday morning DeLuca wrote, "This kitten is in bad shape from an upper respiratory that developed into a severe infection. I decided to bring the kitten home tonight because he needs supportive care around the clock."

The prognoses for the cat is guarded, but or now Snickers is receiving help and medical care.

~Bottle feeding for Snickers~

To help 4 Paws 1 Heart care for Snickers and to help their mission to fund treatment for other sick animals, you can donate using PayPal at 4paws1heart.org/donations.

The organization says they also accept donations of food, litter, toys, as well as things like carpet squares for cages and office supplies. Email diana.4paws1heart@gmail.com regarding drop-off donations.

Donations in the form of a check can be mailed to: 4 Paws 1 Heart P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

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