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American Football touches down in UAE

While the NFL is trying to expand its global reach, including playing several games at London's…

Flashpoint: Tom Lewand talks Lions, Super Bowl

Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand joined Flashpoint this week to talk about the state of the Lions…

Fans arrive in Phoenix for Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl just hours away, excited fans poured into Arizona's Sky Harbor airport, wearing…

Convent rents rooms to Super Bowl fans

Many Seahawks and Patriots fans will be praying for a Super Bowl win this Sunday, and for those…

FBI official says no credible threats ahead of Super Bowl

FBI counter-terrorism official Michael Steinbach says there has been an increase in chatter online…

Oakland University unveils $5M indoor sports facility

The facility should draw amateur athletes from all age groups.

Ford to make $6,900 profit-sharing payments

The automaker says it will issue profit-sharing payments of around $6,900 to about 50,000 eligible…

More high-end stores opening in Detroit

There's a boom in retail business in Detroit.

Indianapolis T-shirt maker profits from Deflategate

An Indianapolis T-shirt maker's sales are inflating rapidly ahead of the Super Bowl because of the…

Ruth to the Rescue: New tax twists

There is such a thing as filing too early.

Cadillac plans smaller, boutique-like dealerships

The car company is going after the luxury customers and giving them what they want.