Son of Detroit candy store owner shoots, kills attempted robber

Son of Leddy's Candy Store owner opens fire on suspected robber

Published On: Feb 12 2013 02:26:54 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 12 2013 06:48:11 PM EST

The son of a candy store owner in Detroit shot and killed a suspected robber Tuesday afternoon.

The incident at Leddy's Candy Store, located at 15928 Grand River Avenue, west of Greenfield Road, on the city's west side, happened just before 1:30 p.m.

The owner of the store told Local 4 his shop, which has been in business since 1926, has been robbed several times over the past few months.

Phyllis Ross lives in the neighborhood and is a regular customer of the store. She said she feels the shooting was justified.

"I  think that he was right in terms of shooting the robber because the robber didn't have any business coming in there and trying to take anything from him.  People are not going to take it anymore and maybe people will stop trying to rob and steal from people who are trying to earn a living," Ross said.

The would-be robber has not been identified.

Police questioned the son of the store owner about the shooting, but it appears no charges will be filed.

SLIDESHOW: Son of candy store owner shoots attempted robber

Published On: Feb 12 2013 02:19:12 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 12 2013 02:27:26 PM EST

The son of a Detroit candy store owner shot a suspected robber Tuesday afternoon.

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