"I would best characterize it as the working relationship came under strain from various initiatives and outside influences," explained Miller. 

The government introduced close to a dozen text exchanges about meetings that were organized at Bernard Kilpatrick's condominium involving Bernard, Miller, Ferguson and Kwame. Miller told how these meetings, which typically occurred at night, involved actual agendas for items to be discussed including mutually-beneficial business opportunities, political strategies and community interests.

Miller finished by describing Kilpatrick's increasing paranoia about being spied on by federal agents. The witness said that 11th floor was swept for listening devices a few times, with particular emphasis on the mayor's office and the "barber room." He said that Kilpatrick started telling his inner circle to be careful about communicating over the telephone. He also described that sometimes when he was alone with Kilpatrick in either the mayor's office or in the basement of the Manoogian Mansion, Kilpatrick would turn up music loudly to muffle their conversations.

It seems Ferguson and Kilpatrick were sure they were being spied on and decided to do something about it.

In an exchange from May 2004, Ferguson texted Kilpatrick that they needed to find a "private investigator to find out who is doing what to us and what is who doing...." After Kilpatrick agreed they should get an outsider, Ferguson replied "so who would be in charge of starting this up this is the second time me and you has both said this should be done.... Chris and Derrick shouldn't know a damn thing about it. I will explain why later... " "Chris" is a reference to Christine Beatty and "Derrick" is the witness.

Christine Beatty 2

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Miller's direct testimony will continue Tuesday morning at 9AM.