How many days a week do you actually leave the office to enjoy a REAL lunch hour?

It turns out, leaving the building may actually lead to increased work production.

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According to a study by the Create Group Survey, 44 percent of the 501 marketing and account executives questioned felt they were more productive when they went out to lunch.

37 percent of those questioned said they didn't see any difference at all while 7 percent felt they were less productive.

As for the rest? 12 percent of those surveyed said they don't know how it would change their work production because they never take a break during their 8 hour work day.

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Raw diets: What you need to know

By Echelle, Pure Matters

So … how about we switch that whole 85% raw thing to 15 or 20 percent? If the title and previous line didn’t already give it away, allow me to now confess that my August raw food experiment didn't quite work out the way that I’d planned. Let me explain.

In anticipation of Rawgust, I prepped, I shopped, I psyched myself up to no end. I chatted it up with my raw foodie friends; they chatted me up in return, and got all excited to welcome me into the raw food fold. I carefully planned out what I was going to eat and drink for the entire week, and made my veggie purchases accordingly. I made sure all of my “raw stuff” was organized on the countertop and in the fridge.

I put on my game face and was ready to rock this raw show. I even cleaned up -- who am I kidding, I went all out and *polished* -- my super cool juicer, and pulled out a raw food cook book that I quickly got intimidated by and returned to its revered spot on the shelf. But you get the idea; I was pretty serious about the whole thing.

On my first day, this is what I ate.

Breakfast (after my steaming hot cup of tea):

  • Green juice: kale, carrots, ginger, banana, apple. Survey says: delicious & filling.


  • Mixed greens salad with strawberries and tangerines on top, with a side of fresh apple juice. Pretty yummy, but I don’t think I ate enough.


  • Cut broccoli, carrots, salad, plus a glass of water. I wasn’t exactly excited about this, but it was alright. (I generally don’t like eating a ton at night because my stomach is very sensitive to foods around that time; If I don’t have enough time to digest, I get nightmares or cramps. On doozy nights, I get both.)


  • A “cherry pie” Lara Bar. Thank goodness for Lara Bars. They’re raw and they’re yummy.

Overall mood for the day: Excited