Energy: High

Sleep: Normal

The rest of the week went pretty much like that, with a couple of variations in the meals. Then on the morning of Day 5, I woke up to a surprise on my chin. One of the biggest, baddest, most evil looking pimples I have ever seen. Oh, the horror! And to top it off, I also had one of the WORST headaches I have ever known shy of a migraine.

After my medicine (that hot cup of survival tea), I called a raw foodie friend to inquire about the craziness that I had just encountered. She said, “Oh honey, you're just detoxing.” Detoxing?! I couldn't believe it. I thought I was a pretty clean eater in general. I couldn't fathom that I had enough toxins in my body to warrant such a public display of truth on my face. And the monster headache wasn’t lying either. I still don’t know how the raw foodies feel about taking supplements or medications, but I reached for the ibuprofen bottle and didn't let go until two tablets had been swallowed.

Alright, I guess it's time for the whole explanation-for-raw-food-diet-failure part. Let’s just say things spiraled downward at an accelerated rate after the sushi rolling class I attended on Day 6 ….

During the first half of the class, we learned a ton about the history of sushi: how it was actually a necessity before becoming a delicacy; all about the sushi revolution in the U.S. After some mouth-watering demonstrations by the master chef, we were asked to practice our rolling techniques by making our own rolls. Then we were supposed to sample our own rolls so we could judge them. In the end, the catalyst to my demise was nothing more or less than sushi rice.

With the gentle prodding of the master chef to “taste my creation,” it was all over with one quick pinch. The chef then had us pair the sushi with our wine of choice. Oh boy. After two sips of that tasty red, the fish started to seem OK to sample because, well, it’s raw too, right? Right ….

The next day I ate chicken. Cooked. Game completely over.

I must take my hat off to the raw foodies out there, but for me, lesson learned: I love my fire. I’ll keep the juicing, salads, and smoothies up, but going completely raw doesn’t look like it’s in the cards for me anytime soon.

I understand how healthy and vibrant a lot of people who swear by the raw food diet must feel. Maybe some day when I have more time, creativity, and feel less intimidated to create amazing raw meals, I’ll give it another whirl. Until then, I’ve got to roll.