Auburn Hills Police are investigating a theft of three rare model cars stolen from the Ried Family Foundation's Museum Bronze.

Part of the theft is on surveillance video, but that too is a mystery.

"They were looking for which ones they wanted to steal," said Sheri Reid Grant, the Museum's executive director.

The video shows flashlight beams coming though the window late Sunday night. However, the video stops and restarts and three model cars are gone.

Was video deleted or did the system malfunction?

"So it caught the motion of the flashlight. But when the flashlight was turned off, it was too dark to catch the motion of the human being," said Reid Grant.

The old model cars have running engines and are worth about $15,000 each.

The museum was established by Glenn Reid 11 years ago through a foundation in his name. It is a private non-profit. They don’t advertise. They specialize in school field trips. Someone had to target them.

Millions of dollars worth of handmade, intricate models about transportation are on display. So, why did the thieves pick three cars out of the dozens on display?

"I just want the public to keep their eye out. You can’t miss them. They’re truly one of a kind," said Reid Grant.

The museum will be open in the fall. It is located at 2600 Auburn Court, next to Flexible Products, a private auto supplier also owned by the Reid family. The phone number for the museum is 248-852-8764.

Anyone with information about the theft should contact Auburn Hills police.