Tattooed Barbie? No way, some say

Collector's doll sports neck ink, pale pink bob

Published On: Oct 21 2011 09:58:17 AM EDT   Updated On: Oct 21 2011 04:33:17 PM EDT

Barbie's had a number of different looks over the years, but her latest reincarnation is drawing the ire of some parents.

Tokidoki Barbie, marketed as a collector's item for $50, sports tattoos on her neck and a pink bob. She also comes with a black skull-and-bones tee shirt, leopard leggings and sky-high sparkly silver shoes, and is the result of Barbie's collaboration with Simone Legno of the Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand Tokidoki, the Huffington Post reported.

Mattel insists that the doll is a limited-edition specialty item for adult Barbie collectors, and is not being marketed to children. But parents have mixed opinions.

They feel the doll’s fashion sense and upper body tattoos set a bad example for young children.

“It’s teaching kids to want tattoos before they are old enough to dress like that,” parent Kevin Buckner told Virginia TV station WSET.

Others, however, say Barbie’s new look is better than the alternative.

“I much prefer tattoos to unrealistic proportions and the message that the most important thing is to be pretty and get a boy. Good for you Mattel for making a doll a little more like the rest of us. I consider it a tiny step in the right direction,” a commenter wrote on the Babble blog, "Strollerderby."