Did you review Carlita Kilpatrick's account? I did.

Did you see A Step Ahead checks there? I did.

9:21AM Bullotta calls Linda Byrd. Judge swears her in.

Bullotta waits til jurors have their pictures. Bullotta says Byrd wants to get out for field trip

Currently ASI Higher Learning Prepatory.

In 1995, Byrd was co-owner of A step Ahead.

Kwame's twins attended from the age of 2 1/2 until graduation in June 2002 according to witness. The school does a "Kinder Prom" with a formal dance, a pajama party, a graduate breakfast, a graduate trip and a ceremony.

Unbelievable. Guess Thomas was wrong about twins graduating in 2001.

Looking at the check for $5,000 from the Civic Fund to A Step Ahead. Witness says check went towards Graduation week and that Kwame's kids took party in the celebrations.

Now looking at personal check from Kwame to A Step Ahead for $156. Memo says Jelani and Jalil.

Back to graduation week, kids have speeches and performances. A tent is rented for this.

Unusual to receive $5,000 check from parent? I would not consider that unusual.

Do parents contribute large checks? I can't recall one.

Witness says the check was hand delivered by mom Carlita Kilpatrick.

Youngest Kilpatrick son never attended. In 2003, the school was shut down.

Witness says never received any money after Kilpatrick twins graduated.

9:30AM Thomas cross examines.

How many kids were there at a given time? On average, maybe somewhere around 95 to 130 maybe.

Not just a preschool? Had kindergarten as well.

Witness says lots of parental involvement through PTO.

Thomas asks in 2002 Jelani and Jalil graduated? Yes.

Thomas says "help me out I'm a white kid from the east side." when trying to figure out preschool location.

Witness says the preschool was located in 8 Mile and Greenfield.

Witness says Kilpatricks were involved parents but Carlita mostly because she was on the PTO. Mayor was present for teacher conferences and other events.

Not just education but sense of community in the school? Absolutely says Byrd.