BKF 20A: a Citi card MasterCard statement for Bernard. There is another Citi card Visa for Bernard in the February 2002 time period.

MasterCard statement: closing date February 6th 2002. Charge in New Orleans on February 3rd at jewelers for $400.

Visa statement: More at Currents Jewelers for $765 on same day.

John Shea cross examines.

Shea is saying that he was skeptical in previous questioning of IRS agent Ron Sauer that Bernard was even in New Orleans in February 2002 so this investigation was subsequent to that? Yes.

Did you learn that there was a delegation from southeast Michigan that went to New Orleans in February 2002 for super Bowl planning? No.

 Thomas cross examines.

You looked up conferences of mayors as a result of my questioning of agent Sauer? Yes.

There was National Conference of Black Mayors and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Did you find out if Kwame was a member of those conferences? No.

Who contacted them? I don't know.

You're testifying on what someone else did?

KCF 108- U.S. Conference of mayors. Agenda of events for 2002. Do you know who the President of US Conference of Mayors? No.

Do you know any of the protocols or rules for calling meetings? No.

Did you talk to staff to see if there were any other meetings that could have occurred other than this? I didn't have any contact with anyone from the U.S. conference of Mayors.

Witness says as far as she knows this is the official calendar.

Are you ruling out the possibility there could have been other meetings? I don't know.

And that's because you didn't talk to anyone at the US conference of Mayors? Correct.

Would you think supporting the preschool graduation ceremony, would you consider that a community activity to enhance neighborhoods? i don't know.

You understand that people from the community came, maybe as many as 180 additional people, would you consider that a community activity? I suppose so.

Were you aware in 2002 there was ongoing discussion on mass transit? No.

Did you talk to anyone in Mayor of Denver's office? no.

Did you do anything other than task a secretary with making calls? No.

Witness says she has no idea what Kwame did when he was in Denver.

Thomas implying that Kwame met with Denver mayor. Conference with mayor.

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