What was tuition back then? Witness can't remember precisely. Maybe $90 to $135 a week.

The graduation week took planning? Yes.

You had sponsors in previous years? Yes we had people give things.

You had people give money to the school? No I won't say things were monetary. Lots of different contributions.

Byrd says school never discussed what was needed ahead of time for school. That came out of planning meetings.

Byrd says she never had a conversation with Carlita about money. But she did discuss what they might have to do if the weather wasn't good.

Witness says that event was open to everyone.

So it was a community function says Thomas. Absolutely says Byrd.

So you cashed the check and put it to good use? Absolutely.

Byrd excused.

9:39AM New witness sworn in. Gwendolyn Buttler. 

Jennifer Blackwell for government.

Witness works for Capri Capital Partners. another investment Management firm. Based in Chicago with office in L.A.. Retained business with City of Detroit Pension Fund.

Initiated relationship in mid-1990s and that is ongoing.

KCF 93- Capri Capital Partners received a letter from KCF to invited participation in a fund-raising event. Dated May 23rd 2008.

Witness says she never talked to anyone before receiving the letter.

Witness reads the purposes listed in the letter for the Civic Fund. Again, about the betterment of the lives of residents and children.

Some examples of uses of funds, sponsoring "Get Out to Vote" rallies, sponsoring westside Cubs.

Last paragraph reads "No funds of the Civic Fund donated to any political campaign."

Witness spoke with partners about the solicitation. Decided to donate to the Civic Fund. Donated $5,000.

Witness says they like to support philanthropic funds in communities they work in. 

Witness looking at a check addressed to the Kilpatrick Civic fund from Capri Capital Partners for $5,000. Dated July 2008.

Blackwell asks about more donations? Witness doesn't know of any.

Would you have donated if you knew that the funds would be used for mayor's personal or campaign expenses? No we would not.

9:46AM Thomas cross examines.