Do you know who Dennis Archer was? Yes.

Did you contribute to his campaign? I don't know.

Did you support Archer? I'm not a resident of Detroit.

Did you support Freeman Hendrix? I don't know if anyone in my firm did.

Witness says her firm has made commercial real estate investments in Detroit.

Might you have donated previously? I joined in 2007 so don't know what firm did previously.

Solicitation for an event on June 26th- did anyone from firm attend? No.

Do you know who Christopher Jackson is? Yes.

Who is he? Related to your business in any way asks Thomas? Not related to business. Witness says she met him in early or mid-90s when he worked for Gil Hill.

You don't know that Kwame used your donation for personal purposes? I do not.

What if you found out that $5,000 had gone to a school for a graduation party for 5 year olds, would that be consistent? Witness says that would be up to individuals who manage the Civic Fund to determine the parameters.

You are not going to second guess unless someone told you what happened? No says witness.

Witness steps down.

9:55AM Eric Doeh for government. New witness sworn in. Aaliyah Salaam.

A realtor for 21 years. In 2008, witness was doing real estate work and had a conversation with former realtor about Kwame. The gist of it was that the realtor wanted to show property that witness had in downtown Detroit. Other realtor didn't say who it was only that it was a high profile client.

Witness met Kwame and Carlita in the lobby of 300 River Front. Kwame introduced himself to her and she showed him the property.

Kilpatrick family looking for a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom condo/apartment in a high rise on the water – a gated community.

Witness says property didn't work for the Kilpatrick family.

Also showed them a condo at 15 Kirby. It was similar to the previous property, private and gated. 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.

Former mayor was looking for a 6 month lease.

Witness said the former mayor was interested in the property so they did the paperwork.

Witness looks at document- the leasing contract- exhibit KCF 81.

The name of the company on document is Regality Management Services. It's the invoice. Security deposit: $2,350, $14,100 for 6 month lease, $1,050 for property management for 6 months.

KCF 81- witness looks over document. First check is for $4,700 written on Kwame Kilpatrick's personal account on September 19th 2008 to Regality.

Another check for $9,400 to Regality Management Services. This amount drawn on Kilpatrick Civic fund. Memo says 4 month lease. Dated September 19th 2008.