He was going to jail is that why they wanted all the money upfront? Yes.

So you do know that he took money out of his personal pocket to pay for 2 months? Ok.

10:18AM Doeh for government. New witness called. Fred Prime. Currently employed as investment banker with Loop Capital Markets. An investment bank headquartered in Chicago. Prime manages the Detroit office. He is the sole employee in Detroit.

Loop Capital works with city of Detroit providing financial services. Started in 1997 and continues today.

Doeh hands witness a document. Exhibit KCF 92. Letter from the Civic Fund outlining its purposes and thanking for their contribution.

Letter was delivered to the Chicago office. Thanked for prior contribution of $10,000.

What did Loop do? Witness says they contributed to Civic fund over the years. This was for a 2007 contribution. Did not contribute in 2008.

Witness says when they get these kinds of correspondences, they are submitted to compliance officer to be reviewed and a decision is made. Did that for KCF.

Witness suggested this would be a good contribution.

Reading last paragraph of Civic Funds. "No funds of Civic Funds donated to a political campaign."

Loop contributed to KCF 4 times for $10,000.

Exhibit 92A- 1. check to the Civic Fund from Loop Capital Markets in the amount of $10,000. June 20th 2006.

2. check to KCF from Loop Capital Markets for $10,000 on September 21st 2006.

3. check to KCF from loop Capital Partners for $10,000 on September 7th 2007.

All checks originate from the Chicago office.

In 2008, Loop did not contribute to KCF? That's right.

You talked to compliance folks at Loop? Yes.

You had heard about news reports concerning the Civic Fund? Yes.

Thomas objects. Judge overrules.

Based on that, witness talked to compliance folks and decided to not contribute in 2008.

Was there an event in 2008 that you met Jeff Beasley? Yes.

Who is he? At the time he was Treasurer for the city of Detroit.

Did you know he was affiliated with the Civic Fund? No.

Did you have conversations with Beasley about Civic Fund? Yes. Told him that we would not contribute this year because it did not pass our compliance process.

Witness says the decision made by the compliance officer.