Did you provide recommendations to the compliance officer?

Thomas objects. Judge overrules.

Was it just the 2 of you who decided not to contribute to the Civic Fund? Yes.

Judge calls for 20 minute break. Cross examination will continue after the break.

Judge asks to see counsel at sidebar.

Courtroom clears. Kwame and Bobby are huddled in an intense, heated discussion at the defendants' table as Bernard looks on from a few feet away.

10:53AM People slowly filtering back into the courtroom Defendants back at the table. Victor Mercado still absent. His absence had the rumor mill swirling that he was possibly cutting a deal in the case. But that apparently is not the case. He is reviewing some papers on water contracts under Judge Fikens that have just come available.

10:56AM Judge says one of the jurors in the back is not feeling very well but that she can persevere. Apparently it's the lady in the back row with the short blond hair. Judge Edmunds also asks lawyers to get witnesses to spell out the companies they are from.

10:58AM Jim Thomas cross examines Fred Prime from Loop Capital.

Prime says they are banking and brokerage. He has been with them for 13 years.

How did you meet Kwame? Through his mother.

The congresswoman? Yes.

You went to Cass Tech in Detroit? Yes.

Witness went to college in South Carolina and Florida A & M for grad school.

Thomas says tell jurors about doing business on the golf course. Do you do it? Yes.

Witness says that a lot of the golfing they do now is for golf outings. Invite clients to talk business.

Thomas says you might ask a client to come to the golf course to talk to you? Yes.

When you do that you expense it to the business? No says Prime. Say you're participating in a golf outing, you might invite people you want to do business with.

KCF 92- letter from February 13th 2007. In the bottom of the second paragraph, says that the Civic Fund is a nonprofit. Says "Governed by its board of officers." What did you take that to mean? Just what it says states the witness.

Did you assume when you read that that decision would be made by board of directors and officers? Yes.

Thomas reading through purposes of the Civic Fund. What did you think Thomas asks? I thought that is what they did.

Did you think that was an exhaustive list? I had no opinion other than this is what they did.

You contributed $10,000 on 4 occasions. Do you have any knowledge of how the other contributions were requested? Yes.

Was it by letter? Yes.

How did the funds get to Detroit? Witness says he got the request letter which is submitted to compliance officer. If approved, the check is generated in Chicago and goes by mail to the Civic Fund.