Would you expect that the Civic fund would reimburse persons to solicit funds their expenses? Yes.

Travel, properly reimbursable? Yes says Prime.

Sometimes when you travel you have to stay overnight and eat? Yes.

Is that reimbursable? I would expect that.

You met Jeff Beasley? Yes.

At a civic fund event? Yes.

How many Civic fund events did you attend? Maybe 4.

Did Beasley tell you about things that Civic Fund did? Yes.

Is that part of why you contributed? Yes.

Witness says they contribute to communities they work in.

11:11AM Doeh redirects.

Di Loop Capital purchase your golf clubs? No says witness.

Thomas actually smiles at that.

11:11AM Doeh calls new witness.

Doeh says someone has just called time out. We wait.

David Upmeyer. Works part time Tetra Tech, retired from full time work in May. Tetra Tech is a consulting engineering firm. Has done work for over 20 years with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

In 2008, he was senior project manager and manager of Detroit office. Managed projects for Detroit and other clients.

Became familiar with Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

KCF 95- witness looks at it. A fax soliciting money for the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Date on fax is May 33rd 2008- but fax transmission says June 16th.

To the attention of Christopher Jackson. Witness says he may have called the office prior to sending the fax.

Document discussed in house and concluded it would be good thing to contribute to.

Witness says note indicates $2000 but ultimately they contributed $4,000.

Witness reads the bit about "no funs of civic fund being donated to any political campaign."

Do you know how the check would have been received?

Witness says check originated from office in California.