Now looking at payment request form for the KCF for the amount of $4,000. Date is June 27th 2008. Received by Tetro Tech office in Detroit. At some point check was then delivered to the civic Fund.

Now looking at purchase order for the $4,000 check.

Now looking at actual check for $4,000 made out to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund drawn on Tetra Tech account.

No further questions.

11:21AM Thomas cross examines.

Have you met Kwame? Probably shook his hand.

Have you been to any fund-raisers? Don't know.

Thomas asks to put the solicitation letter up. Kwame never called to ask for money? No.

You did it as result of letter from Christopher Jackson? Yes.

Thought it was good for city of Detroit? Yes.

You don't remember if you went to the fund-raising event? Yes.

Do you know what a civic fund is? Would not claim to no classifications.

Your company gave $4,000? Yes.

We know check was negotiated? Yes.

You don't know where that money went? No.

You have corporate office in California? Yes.

Do you have to travel for your job? Yes.

Would you expect that they might have to travel for the civic fund? Possibly.

Did you go to any events sponsored by civic fund? No to my knowledge.

Might have been expenses for event at Athenaeum? Yes.

Hors d'oeuvres, drinks, maybe staff? Possibly.

11:26AM John Minock comes up for Victor Mercado.

What is size of Tetra Tech? 10,000 corporate wide.

In Detroit? 10 to 12 in the office.

What is estimate of gross billings annual with Detroit water and sewerage? Not off top of my head.