Expect those figures to be in the millions of dollars? Possibly

11:28AM Bullotta calls new witness. To be last witness on the day as legal issues need to be resolved. 

Special agent with IRS Rowena Schuch. Has been with them for 11 years. Investigates financial crimes. Prior to being agent with IRS worked through college as bank teller and accounting clerk.

Looking at Sonnenalp resort bill. Cheuk says she never found something called National Conference of Mayors.

Looking at documents for US Conference of Mayors in 2002. It's a subpoena.

Looking at November 2002. there are no events in Colorado: California, Pennsylvania and D.C. is where they are.

In investigation found National Conference of Democratic Mayors. Subpoenaed their schedules. Notified that there were events in November 2009.

Also looked to see if there was a Conference of Black Mayors. Team subpoenaed that entity. KCF 110: document listing events for 2002 and 2003. events in Jackson MS, Nigeria, Florida but none in Denver, Colorado.

KCF 27 check: looking at document from Joan Anderson travel for Bernard Kilpatrick on February 1st and 5th 2002 to New Orleans. Also for Bobby Ferguson. Paid for KCF $1,026 check from KCF in January 2002.

Documentation on expenses for Bernard Kilpatrick in 2002. There was a Diner's Club card and 2 Citi cards: MasterCard and Visa.

BKF 20: Bernard Kilpatrick's diner Club statement for February 22nd 2002. Looked for payments in New Orleans. Found a transaction at a bistro and one for a hotel for $340 on February 5th.

BKF 20A: a Citi card MasterCard statement for Bernard. There is another Citi card Visa for Bernard in the February 2002 time period.

MasterCard statement: closing date February 6th 2002. Charge in New Orleans on February 3rd at jewelers for $400.

Visa statement: More at Currents Jewelers for $765 on same day.

Do you know credit line? According to statement, total credit line was $2,700 on visa. On the Mastercard it was $2,800.

11:43AM John Shea cross examines.

Shea is saying that he was skeptical in previous questioning of IRS agent Ron Sauer that Bernard was even in New Orleans in February 2002 so this investigation was subsequent to that? Yes.

You got a lot of financial information on my client? Yes.

There were other agents in investigation? Yes.

You prepared report at end of investigation? Yes.

You did not rely on conclusions on the credit card accounts? Not for this particular years.

Even the government didn't have these before a week ago? could be.

Shea said I just received that a couple of days ago? Yes.

So it appears that Bernard was in New Orleans on those date? Yes.

So he's paying for his own hotel, some meals and bought some personal items? Yes.