We believe this might be the last witness. 

Steven M. Zervos. Owns insurance agency Zervos Group Inc. Provides all kinds of insurance, including construction. Knows Bobby- relationship started with his father Homer Ferguson. 

Witness says that bonding is financial guarantee where as insurance covers exposure to pay the claim. Premium is paid to cover that risk. Bond is financial guarantee to bond the job and if the performance is not completed then bonding company must step in. 

Witness says they have provided bonds as agent and insurance to Ferguson's company.

 Witness says 2002 to 2008 insurance premiums from Ferguson Enterprises Inc to his company came to  $3,668,472. 

Bond premium amounts from FEI from that same period of 2002-2008: $309,689. 

Witness says at the very end Ferguson was turned down for bonds because he couldn't get any work. 

Zervos says that Ferguson did not have one bond complaint on all his jobs is "special." 

Xcel insurance premiums paid between 2002 and 2008: $230,921. Bond premiums paid to Zervos Group Inc. for Xcel in that period were $74,272. 

Witness's company is Zervos Group Inc. Workers comp, general liability, equipment insurance, property insurance, umbrella liability, auto insurance are all provided by his company. 

10:01AM Zervos is done and no cross from prosecution. 

Evelyn has no more witnesses. Thomas has no more witnesses and John Shea has no witnesses. No more witness testimony. So now on to evidenciary issues. 

Thomas says he has some stipulations. 3 tax returns for 1999, 2000 and 2001 for Kwame will be introduced by Thomas. Also introducing some trial balances for the Kilpatrick Civic Fund, years 2002 through 2007. 

Finally, Thomas says that on government exhibit Rutherford 8 being withdrawn. They are putting it in the defense binder- this is the $34,000 check that was mistakenly introduced as having gone to Kwame's PAC and then was withdrawn by the government when the mistake was realized. 

Now Shea says he has 3 items. Synagro exhibit 52 that was not published by government and is now withdrawn. 2 Cobo exhibits that Shea introduced through FBI agent Bob Beeckman are being renamed. 

Shea pointing out a recorded conversation that came under scrutiny for Beeckman questioning. Says that there was a question of comparative distance between Grand Rapids and Big Rapids and the distance between Flint and Ann Arbor. He is including Google maps to show they are the same distance. 

Mike Rataj gets up. Says Ferguson will be admitting a document that came up in cross of Beeckman about a text about Clun Rain. Rataj says they are putting into evidence civil judgment and complaint that Ferguson put against Matt Flynn of Club Rain. 

10:09AM Judge accepts them and says she will review them. Reviews what is admitted and what has been withdrawn. 

Judge says that before this morning's proceedings she has a matter she needs to talk out of jury's presence. 

Judge asks defendants to stand with the attorneys. Says she wants to be sure that defendants are aware they have constitutional right to testify. Don't have to do so. It is their choice alone and encourages them to discuss with attorneys. If they choose not to testify, that cannot be held against them. If they choose to testify, the government has a right to question them and previous convictions can be used to impeach them. 

Judge says that she understands they don't wish to testify. Kwame Kilpatrick says he doesn't wish to testify. Bobby Ferguson also states he does not wish to testify. Judge mistakenly calls Bernard "Ferguson". Bernard Kilpatrick does not wish to testify. all understand consequences of their decision. 

Have not officially rested yet. 

10:15AM Taking 15 minute break and will officially rest when the jury is back.

10:26AM Apparently, one of Jim Schaefer's "Residents of Bloggersville" asked Bernard Kilpatrick his height and shoe size. In case anyone was wondering, he is 6'6'' and wears a size 16 shoe. 

But more importantly, seems that the government's closing arguments will be done by US Attorney Michael Bullotta who will speak for about 2 and 1/2 hours. Not sure how long the defense will take but they will definitely be limited.