Chutkow reads grand jury transcript of Rutherford saying :"Bernard used to sometimes reference "Coleman Young got paid and I'm going to get paid too."

Rutherford tells Chutkow he still doesn't remember conversation but if that's the transcript then that's the transcript.

Apparently. Bernard told this to Rutherford at the bar Floods in downtown Detroit.

Government is done.

8:59AM John Shea cross-examines. Shea hands Rutherford a copy of the contract with Maestro Associates. Witness says he can't remember who prepared the contract. The contract reads "Consulting Agreement". It was made effective in April 2002 between Maestro Associates and DPR Management LLC. The contract was signed by both Rutherford and Bernard.

Shea lists Bernard's accomplishments in government and illustrates his value. Shea syas that witness had similar contract with Curtis Hertel and 6th Communications.

Bernard worked on the Granholm campaign in 2002 and ex-husband of Carolyn cheeks Kilpatrick, so he had ties to state and federal government says Shea. Thus not unusual to want to hire him, right? Yes says Rutherford. 

"Some people they communicate different. If you communicate verbally that's ok with me." Rutherford describing why he didn't need written reports from Bernard. 

Shea said some of the consultants contracted by Rutherford did more work certain months than others, right? Yes replied Rutherford.

"Governments can starve you with contracts by not paying you on time." says Rutherford. 

Shea says that Bernard would look into why Rutherford was not getting paid by Wayne County Community Health, right? Yes says Rutherford. Bernard and Rutherford parted was when Bernard got on the board of Wayne County Community Health because of obvious conflict. So Bernard gave up his $10,000 contract with Rutherford in order not to have conflict with the Health board asks Shea. Yes replies Rutherford. 

9:11AM Jim Thomas cross examines.

Thomas asks if Kwame ever received money from Kilpatrick for Congress. Rutherford replies he has no knowledge of that.

Thomas asks did you not embrace those who ideals were similar to your won? Yes.

And that was the case with Kwame? Yes.

And you had no expectation of reward or remuneration? No.

No redirects. Wow. Witness is dismissed. That is incredible. I thought that would go one for much longer. Defense never even referenced that Rutherford was a convicted felon.

9:15AM Eric Doeh for government. New witness is Ahmad Chebbani. He is self-employed with OMNEX Accounting Services which provides tax and accounting services. He is the co-founder of the Arab-American Chamber of Commerce.

In May of 2002, witness was the chairman of the Arab-American Chamber of Commerce. As part of the organization, the witness led a delegation to Dubai that included the former mayor, Loronzo Jones, Derrick Miller and some staffers and board member of the Chamber of Commerce. The former mayor was the lead person on the trip to sign an agreement with 2 cities. they met with the mayor of Dubai, the ruler of Dubai and other business people. There were high-ranking officials and ruling class of Dubai. 

The trip did not last more than 4 days. Long days of meetings to see city developments. There was a dinner on the last day of the trip. Everyone on the trade delegation from Detroit and ministers of economic trade from Dubai. Jones, Miller and the former mayor at this dinner. The former got up to leave from the dinner and the witness asked him where he was going. Kwame said he was going to get fitted for suits. The dinner with the high-ranking officials had not yet concluded.

It seems that the night previous to the dinner, Kwame had gone shopping for suits. Kwame never returned to the dinner with the high-ranking Dubai officials.

Upon return from the trip, witness got a call from Derrick Miller.

Thomas objects for hearsay. Judge overrules. Says that they can have a sidebar to explain her ruling.

Sidebar ends. Everything stops so juror can get her glasses.

Derrick Miller asked witness if he knew anything about shipping suits. Witness surprised and said he didn't know anything about shipping of suits. Miller said they might have been lost in the mail.