So Bobby never gave directions about the grand jury because it was for the Gaming Board? Yes.

12:29PM Blackwell redirects. Shows witness her grand jury testimony again.

This is transcript of grand jury testimony? Yes.

August 4th 2005? Ok.

Do you recall questions and answers? That was 8 years ago laughs witness nervously. No.

What do you recall about talking to Bobby about money orders after FBI approached you? No I don't recall.

Blackewell reads transcript that indicates she told bobby that she was talking to FBI. Do you recall that? Yes.

12:32PM Evelyn gets up to redirect.

Blackwell objects.

Evelyn reads the transcript and it says: "it was just me sticking to my story."

Witness steps down

12:34PM New witness is sworn in. Eric Doeh questions for government. Josephine Johnson is the witness. Knows Renee Newsome, it's her sister. knows Darlene Jefferson too. Has seen Bobby Ferguson at Darlene's house.

Witness says she was presented with money orders by Renee. Her sister told witness they were from Bobby Ferguson. Doeh hands witness a document- they are copies of a money order. the money orders are in the name of Josephine Johnson. Paid to the order of "KILPATRICK FOR MAYOR"- witness did not fill in that line. Doesn't know who filled it in. 3 separate money orders for $1,000 and 1 for $400.

Bobby is looking pretty cool throughout this though he is frequently leaning in to talk to his lawyer Gerald Evelyn.

Witness says money orders she had not earned and had never contributed to Kilpatrick campaign before. It was not her money she was contributing. Johnson received a refund for the full amount. Did not give the money back to Bobby Ferguson.

Clear implication that campaign gave back money when they heard feds were sniffing around.

Doeh says you never worked for Bobby? Correct.

July 18th 2005 has conversation with FBI. Received her refund after conversations with FBI.

12:43PM Gerald Evelyn asks an inaudible question.

Witness stands down.

12:43PM Jennifer Blackwell calls new witness. Could it be the other sister? It is! Darlene Jefferson takes the stand. Witness has known Bobby for 10 years through her sister Renee Newsome. Knew him by BW as well.

Remembers signing money orders at home on Hartwell in July 2004. Was living with sister Renee at the time. Renee gave her the money orders- told her that bobby asked if they could sign them.

Witness signed 4 money orders: 3 of $1,000 and 1 of $400. Money orders are made out to Kilpatrick for Mayor from Darlene Jefferson. total amount was for $3,400. the "Kilpatrick for Mayor" not in her handwriting. witness says she assumes money was Bobby Ferguson's.

In 2005, witness was subpoenaed by the Michigan Gaming board and to testify before the grand jury. Bobby contacted her before she testified to Gaming board about the license. Bobby also contacted her before she testified to grand jury. She pauses for a long time before saying she can't recall what he said.

Bobby came over to her house in 2005 before grand jury testimony. Bobby came into her bedroom and they talked about the money. He basically said to say the money didn't come from him. Witness told him she wouldn't lie if she ever went to court. Bobby told her that it would fall back on Renee because she gave her the money.