9:27AM. Jim Thomas cross examines. Asks about purposes of the Chamber of Commerce and if the witness was active in setting ip events.

Witness says they were treated very nicely in Dubai.

They met met Sheik Hamdan and met many other high-ranking officials. The idea was to promote trade between 2 municipalities. Witness says Dubai had lots of good developments and Detroit wanted to learn from them. 

There were many meetings, lectures and seminars.

In Arab culture, meals are very important asks Thomas. Yes says witness? So there were many meals organized ? Yes.

Thomas asks if there was staff available at all times to translate? Yes.

Was there ever a meeting with Sheik Mohammed? Yes.

Thomas says didn't the former mayor work hard too? Yes.

9:31AM Doeh redirects. Kwame did not leave dinner alone he was with Lorenzo Jones.

9:32AM Thomas redirects. Did you see the mayor brandishing lots of cash? No.

So you don't even know if he got the suits? No.

9:33AM New witness takes the stand. It's Ernest Johnson of the Community Coalition. Eric Doeh for the government questions.

Johnson is a life-long resident of Detroit. Describes Community Coalition, helps people get elected, gives turkeys away and help kids.

Community Coalition started in 1997 as a non-profit organization later on became a PAC. Johnson was a chairperson. Junius Williams was the Treasurer of the Community Coalition. They started out with a couple of hundred people. In 2001, there were about a hundred people. There was a $10 membership fee.

"We would pass the hat around" says the witness about collecting dues.

In 2002, Community Coalition was contacted by Bernard. "We talked about a lot of things. We talked about Kwame running for Mayor." Wrong date- it was 2001 they had this conversation.

Bernard told Johnson he wanted him to help get Kwame get elected. The Coalition would advise people to vote. Bernard wanted the Coalition to endorse Kwame. The staffers of the Coalition who delivered flyers had to be paid and at the time it was a non-profit.

The Coalition staffers were paid $80 a day if they worked from 7AM to 8PM. About 100 people working. There were maybe 25 people at meetings where hat was passed around. Usually got more than $200. 20 drivers would get $100- so $2,000. Drivers would drive voters directly to polls. Had to get donations to pay these staffers and feed them.

Witness says he only heard about Jon Rutherford from reading the paper. Met Rutherford on the day of the election to get a check to pay the workers. Johnson called Bernard to get money to pay workers. Rutherford was going to provide that money.

Witness met Rutherford at the Milner Center on election. Rutherford gave Johnson a check for $7,275. Johnson went to the manager of a grocery market and told him how he wanted it cashed.

Shows witness a 2001 check for $45,000. From DPR- no one else gave checks of that amount. Another 2001 check for $35,000 from DPR to Community Coalition. Again, no one else gave large checks like this to the Community Coalition.

John Shea objects to questioning. Sustained.

Doeh asks if there was any remaining money from Rutherford's donation. witness says there was about $184 left after election.

9:51AM John Shea cross examines.

Shea says Coalition was originally formed to support Detroit-owned casinos, against outsiders. Even after that died down, the Community Coalition continues.