There were other issues of concern in the community and the Coalition would identify candidates to support.

Supported many people including Governor Granholm.

Shea says Coalition known for neighborhood and candidate advocacy. Would hand out brochures, go door to door and active in getting people out to vote. Wanted to promote the importance of being involved and voting.

Shea says Coalition had no money, right? Yes.

So when people came with money you needed that? "Yes to feed the troops." "People at the top of the slate pay the slate" says Johnson.

Shea says from the beginning you were ready to endorse Kwame and didn't need Bernard to come to you? Right.

Thomas says "medical emergency." Gets a tissue and hands it to Kwame. Think he was joking about the emergency. 

And you didn't want gil hill for mayor? No says Johnson because he was going to vote for another casino.

Johnson says about Sheila Cockrel "I wasn't doing her" He's talking about endorsing her but Kwame and Bobby are cracking up big time.

10:00AM Eric Doeh redirects.

Asks about $7275 check signed by Junius Williams.

Witness steps down. 

10:01AM Mark Chutkow for government. FBI agent Bob Beeckman takes the stand.

Talking about the November 2001 prize fight tickets. Credit card statement for Mandalay Bay indicates the tickets were purchased November 14th 2001.

FBI subpoenaed records for the Mandalay Bay that show a stay for Kwame and Bobby. Kwame stayed 11/16 to 11/18. There were a series of room charges on that stay.

Same dates of check-in and check out for Bobby at the Mandalay Bay.

Looking at Arthur Blackwell and Zinovia Blackwell stay on 11/16 through 11/17.

There is also a record for Jon and Erica Rutherford on 11/16 and 11/17.

Obviously, Rutherford, Kwame, Blackwell and Bobby all at the Manadalay Bay in Las Vegas at the exact same time.

Now text message on July 10th 2002 from Loronzo Jones to Derrick Miller: Loronzo to Miller: "Mr. Mayor did we get our clothes in yet from Dubai."

Check from DPR to Next Vision foundation dated October 22nd 2002 for $5,000.

Another text message. This one from Bernard to Kwame :"Jon Rutherford who just gave $5,000 to foundation and Nataki wants you to flip the coin tomorrow at Ford Field for King Murray Wright Championship game then you can leave. Is it possible?" "Nataki" is Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick

Kwame: "I have a town hall meeting tomorrow. I really want to go but can't,"

Now we are looking at an incorporation document from Maestro Associates. The date is December 21st 2001- right before Kwame became mayor.

Yesterday we heard testimony that Rutherford advised Bernard on where to open an account. We are looking at the first check to Maestro from DPR for $10,000 on April 1st 2002- this was introduced yesterday. The government shows the signature card for Bernard's account at Heath One Credit Union dated April1st 2002, same day the check was made out from DPR to Maestro Associates.