Text Message April 23rd 2002 from Bernard to Derrick Miller. Exhibits 36-45 a series texts.

"I have a 10:00 breakfast with my client Jon Rutherford who says you won't call him back, .which is cool cause he should go through me. I would appreciate a call."

Text from Bernard to Kwame May 14 2002

Bernard: " Good! Are you still trying to go to Vegas this weekend? Steelman and Rutherford want to talk to you. I can hook you up at the Green Ranch Valley Resort."

Text Bernard to Kwame May 17th 2002

B: "What time you leaving? I need about 15 minutes.

K: "I'm leaving tomorrow at Saturday morning."

B: "What is the best time for you JR and Rutherford to meet? Maybe breakfast."

Can't keep up with these text message!

From Ayanna to Bernard March 6th 2003:

A: "The Next Vision Foundation is in dire straights for a minute. I won't get my $1240 paycheck this week. Need to hit you up for anything 500-1000..." Asks him to hit up Rutherford.

Ayanna saying she is looking for sponsors.

Bernard: "I need background on this to recruit some sponsors."

From Bernard to Kwame March 6th 2003

B: "Where will this guy be around 3:30. Right after my haircut I will stop by the office... (this guy is Bernard and Kwame referring to each other) ZIZ...Don't

K: I'll be in the office."

B:" Cool. tomorrow is my last day with Rutherford."

Check for $5,000 on March 7th 2003 from DPR to Maestro and Associates. The check is issued a day after the previous text.

A text on December 22nd 2003 from Kwame to Bernard

Text on January 19th 2004 from Derrick Miller to Kwame

Miller tells Kwame "you are on the right track with Port authority."

Kwame: "You like that s*hit Steelman had." 

Miller" not exactly but Port authority" can get it done.

Text between Derrick Miller and Kwame on December 30th 2004

Miller: "Just talked to Jon Rutherford" About Venetian wanting to come in. Mentions financing mechanism