K: "Cool."

Text between Lisa Nosarini (a secretary)and Derrick Miller on January 12th 2005

N: "Boss guy from Venetian wants to a quick dinner Monday night., is that cool?"

M: "Yes"

Text between Derrick Miller and Kwame on February 1st 2005

M:Denise is setting up Venetian tomorrow. Do you still need the 18th."

K: "Yes." 

Denise Vaughn was a secretary to Derrick Miller.

Going to take a 20 minute break.

Witness stands down.

10:55AM Break is over. Judge says she'll hear defense objections. John Shea, lawyer for Bernard, doesn't like the way FBI agent Beckman is reading the text messages and the identifications that have been made.

Judge says she doesn't have problem with question of identification. Says the jury is smart enough to figure things out.

Gerald Evelyn, lawyer for Bobby Ferguson, says the court has to be careful about "opinion" testimony coming in.

Judge says she is happy to give instruction to the jury on an interim basis.

US Attorney Mark Cutco says they are trying to be careful too but without context the text messages have no meaning. Chutkow says there is an issue about the jurors he may want to take up. Judge says they will take it up at a sidebar at the end of the day.

There were so many texts earlier my head was spinning. Nothing too exciting except it gives some context to earlier evidence introduced.

11:02AM Beeckman back at the stand.

Chutkow asks him about fund-raising activities. Looking at Bobby's role in fund-raising.

New exhibits of KM- "Kilpatrick for Mayor". Text between Kwame and Bobby on January 21 2004

K: "We have raised... drumroll ...$1,710,109.40."

B: "Hell you know we are greedy...."

Text between Kwame and Bobby on June 29th 2004

Robert from Crain's only asked one question about you. How do we know each other? I said I don't remember. He asked did I give contribution cash. I said no grass roots just passing out literature.

K: Did you get to talk about your company?

B: "Hell yeah..."