From Kwame to Bobby July 13th 2004

K: "you ready for tomorrow event:

B: no reply

K: "Got to have a mil.."

B: "I am always ready to go. I am one of your soldiers."

Talk about raising more

K: "You are more than that....

11:08AM  John Shea cross examines. Asking agent Beeckman about Jon Rutherford's testimony.

Looking at an exchange between Bernard and Christine Beatty

B: "I need to talk to you about monies owed to Jon Rutherford by the Mental Health Board..."

C: "Call me in the office in 10 mins."

B: "Will do.".

Shea says this is consistent with some calls that Bernard made on Rutherford's behalf to get payment going.

11:12AM Jim Thomas asking about meeting that took place in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on the weekend of November 2001 when Kwame was mayor-elect.

Thomas says that Kwame took a position during mayoral campaign that he was against casinos being placed south of Jefferson. Queuing up clip of Detroit mayoral debate with Gil Hill, Local 4's Guy Gordon moderating

"Look at how young Guy Gordon looks" says Thomas.

Gordon asking about casinos. Gil Hill replies first. Kwame says that as mayor he will control where casinos will go. Have spent so much time talking about where casinos are going. Kwame clearly says "Casinos should not be on the Riverfront. They should not be on the Riverfront."

2 weeks after this debate, the meeting took place at Mandalay Bay. At that point, Motor City casino was Mandalay Bay off the lodge. MGM off the lodge as well. Greektown casino off of I-75. FBI investigation found lots of land speculation at the time.

Greektown was acquired by third party that was not Rutherford.

Cobo Hall was undergoing renovations at the time.

Thomas references prize fight tickets. Thomas says you have no evidence Kwame got tickets? Right says Beeckman.

Also establish that Kwame didn't sit with Rutherford at the fight.

11:21AM Chutkow redirects.

Chutkow asks why he didn't get the tickets

Thomas objects and asks for sidebar. Kwame reading his inspirational verses.