Chutkow moves on to the club from October 28th 2001. Asks if he recalls that Kwame said casinos should not be on the Riverfront. Beckman says that he does.

Text from Miller to Kwame on December 30th 2004 "Just talked with John Rutherford. Venetian wants to come in on the 17th to discuss riverfront piece complete with convention facility I will work with Iris on Monday. Extra tax on slots sounds like financing mechanisms to pay off bonds...."

Text on May 2002 between Bernard and Kwame: Bernard asks if he is still interested in meeting with architect Steelman and John Rutherford."

So this is only months after the election asks Chutkow? Yes replies the FBI agent.

Text between miller and Kwame where Kwame asks "You like that shit Steelman had?"

Chutkow asks if Steelman ever changed proposed location for casino. No says Beeckman.

11:27AM Jim Thomas redirects.

Goes back to the December 20th 2004 text between Miller and Kwame about the Venetian.

So at this point Greektown staying where it is, MGM and Motor City as well? Yes says Beeckman.

Thomas asks do you know what happened to land south of Jefferson? No says Beeckman.

Did you know that the $150 million set aside for the casinos was forgiven? No.

But no casino was ever put in place by Rutherford? No says Beeckman.

Do casinos or conventions make more money? Don't have enough experience to give you an answer.

"Don't guess," says Thomas. "I'm afraid of what you'll say."

Now to text between Bernard and Kwame about the possible meeting with Steelman.

Thomas says the meeting took only 15 minutes.

11:32AM Chutkow redirects again.

Thomas asked you about Venetian may have plans to build conference center with no casino. References the Venetian text which clearly talks about "slots."

11:32AM Thomas redirects again.

Witness steps down.

11:34AM New witness takes the stand. Eric Doeh questions George Brown.

Witness resides in Detroit. In 2003, he worked for Bobby Ferguson. He worked for him until 2010. Helped with permits for plumbing and water. Would fuel the trucks. Primarily located on Wyoming with Ferguson Enterprises.

Witness knew Bobby before 2003 because he had worked for his father as well for 4 or 5 years. Had owned a business at one point called George Brown excavating.

Helped Bobby with installing water. Bobby is witness's nephew, "calls me his uncle".

In July 2004, Brown was working for Bobby and Ferguson presented him with some checks. The company check issued by is Ferrous Processing & Trading Co (scrap metal company) to Ferguson Enterprises for $3,250 on July 15th 2004. One of the signatures on the back is George Brown.