2, another check $2,362.67. 3. Another for $4,995.36. 4. Another check 2,143.39. All checks signed by Bobby and witness. 5. Another check for $1,051.07.

Brown took the checks to Comerica Bank.

6. Another check from Ferrous $6,660. 7. Another check from Ferrous for $511.88. 8. Check for $10,407.56 from Ferrous. Again endorsed by Bobby and Brown. 9. Check from $4,575.72 paid to Ferguson Inc. 10. Last check for $5,662.14.

All told there are 10 checks from Ferrous to Ferguson Inc. Witness took the checks to Comerica Bank to take out money orders under Bobby's instructions in July 2004.

Brown went to bank possibly on 12th and 13th of July to make money orders. Got all money orders for $3,400- the campaign contribution limit.

Brown doesn't initially remember talking to FBI in November 2005. Doeh refreshes his memory with a document. Witness says he took the money orders, put them in a bag and took them to Bobby's office.

No more questions.

11:58AM Gerald Evelyn, Bobby's lawyer, redirects.

Brown was Bobby's father's brother. Taught both Bobby and his father the ropes about the business. Brown says he worked for large companies including Inland and Jenkins.

Evelyn asks about minority contracting from big companies.

Doeh objects and says this is far beyond scope. Judge permits.

Evelyn says you counseled Bobby not to be a minority front? Yes says Brown.

Do you know Charlie Williams in the construction business? I think I know him. Brown says he thinks when he knew him he worked in the water department.

Witness excused.

12:03PM Jennifer Blackwell for government questions. Renee Newsome. Works at Henry Ford. Medical assistant for 15 years. Knows Bobby Ferguson for 17 years, knows him through a friend. Had a "personal" relationship about 8 years ago. Dated Bobby for about 7 years.

Bobby asked her to sign some money orders in July 2004. Witness was living with her sister at the time. There was more than one money order. there were 3 $1,000 and 1 for $400. she was with her sister and niece when she got them. She was in the dining room of her home when she signed the money orders.

The money orders are from Comerica. Clearly indicates paid to the order of "KILPATRICK FOR MAYOR". All made in witness's name and signed by her.

Again, the limit for campaign contributions by a single person is $3,400.

Witness knew Ferguson by WB. Sisters also signed money orders. they gave them back to Bobby that night. Witness says that Bobby paid for the money orders.

In 2005, Newsome was subpoenaed by Casino Gaming board and the state of Michigan. Was also contacted by the FBI who came to her job at Henry Ford. Before talking to the FBI, Bobby told her to "stick to your story" and tell them to tell them that it was her money. Talked to the FBI and told them it was her money.

At a later point, Newsome asked Bobby for some money to care for her sick father- it was $500. At some point, she received a federal grand jury subpoena. She talked to bobby about her and he told her to stick to her story. Bobby said her sister Darlene Jefferson should tell FBI she got the money from Newsome. Witness know that $3,400 is maximum you can donate to a campaign.

Witness admits she lied to the FBI about money orders being hers because Bobby told her to stick to her story. told amount she signed was $3,400 and her sister signed $3,400.

12:17PM Evelyn cross examines the witness.

Evelyn says Bobby may have told you it was for an election. He may have said here is money you can give it to the mayor? Yes.

So that money that you contributed in fact became your money? Yes.