These campaign checks were refunded? Yes.

That was true for you, your sister and money? Yes.

She was contacted by the Gaming Board by subpoena. Never testified to the Gaming Commission, they never told her why. Bobby withdrew his petition with Gaming Board for license and she never heard from them again.

Sister and niece also got subpoenas from Gaming Commission.

You and your relatives were never threatened by Mr. Ferguson? Right.

First time you told FBI agent it was your money. The $3,400 you contributed was given back to you? Yes.

Same for your sister and niece? Yes.

FBI called you at work? Did your sister call you and say they were coming? Yes.

At some point later FBI tells you they are investigating Bobby Ferguson. You're upset? Yes.

And you were thinking of getting out of the situation? Yes.

FBI agents told you about the $3,400 limit? Yes.

Experience with FBI is upsetting? Yes.

They told you you were in trouble? That i could be.

12:24PM Blackwell redirects.

Did the FBI also tell you you could be in trouble if you didn't tell the truth? Yes.

At the time you signed the money orders was that your money? No.

Whose was it? Mr. Ferguson's.

You received federal grand jury subpoena? Yes.

After that you talked to Bobby? Yes.

What did he tell you to do? "To stick to my story"

By stick to your story what did that mean? That the money was mine.

Was that the truth? No.

12:26PM Evelyn redirects.

Stick to your story was about Gaming Board subpoena? I can't remember.

Witness testified before grand jury in August 2005. Told the grand jury it was Gaming board? Yes.