Who paid for those? Kilpatrick for Mayor.

11:02AM Thomas cross-examines.

Who was your main contact when you worked for them? I never contacted them.

Never met Christine Beatty or Miller? No.

What is Darren Hart Yang- internal group that does research at Peter Hart.

Do you know why anyone would want to do a poll other than a political campaign? Witness says there are commercial clients, associations, unions and non-profits.

Witness says we do have non-profits as clients.

Do you understand the subtle distinctions between 501c3 and 501c4? No. I'm the Chief Financial Officer.

Decision on who it was who was going to pay that bill not yours? Yes.

Invoice was in some fashion changed? Yes.

Did you change it? Yes.

Did you think that strange? No.

You said that's not unusual and happens on occasion? Yes.

You had no reason to believe you were perpetuating a fraud? No.

Why does someone do polling? Is there such a thing as candidate or issue polling? Witness says again my expertise is in finances.


Blackwell redirects.

Do you know why Mr. Yang asked you to re-invoice client? No.

11:07AM Thomas redirects.

Witness says polling was for the campaign for mayor.

Witness excused.

11:08AM Government calls agent Carol Paszkiewicz.

Mark Chutkow for government.

Traditionally investigates environmental crimes typically in Michigan. Got B.A. at Michigan Sate. Went to EPA since 1997. Been a special agent for them.

Called in at the beginning of 2009. Looking at various contracts executed by water department.