Witness says investigative team got text messages in Excel format. they were uploaded into a searchable database.

We as investigative team reviewed them to see what was allowable evidence. Narrowed them down.

Authorized for text messages relating to bribery, extortion, racketeering, fraud.

Did you find text messages in those categories? Yes we did.

Witness says if I was interviewing individuals, could enter the names in database and see if they were involved in text messages.

Witness narrowed down to 200 messages that would be used in this trial. Took them out of Concordance into Word Perfect, made font bigger and bolded it to delineate it from the original.

Some of the exhibits will be singular message but most are exchanges, a conversation.

Was there any alteration of spelling or punctuation? No there was not.

Received a subpoena with pin numbers and users. Made lists and charts of pin numbers and users for correlations. Sometimes pin numbers changed.

Witness reviewed pin numbers to make sure they were accurate.

Exhibit TXT 18- witness reviewed it. Summary chart of pins used.

Pins are SKYTEL. Carrier is Verizon Wireless.

Ist 3 entries are for Bobby Ferguson, then Bernard Kilpatrick. Then Victor Mercado information.

Remaining entries are other individuals.

Not all of them were SKYTEL? No.

Exhibits TXT 9 and 10- Chutkow asks witness to look at them. Witness says it's text message that is a dual text to 2 people.

TXT 9- Sent from Kwame Kilpattrick to Bernard Kilpatrick and Derrick Miller on July 21st 2003. Sends his V card with all his information. His address, phone number are all on it. Time stamped 3:05PM.

TXT 10- SKYTEL text from Kwame to Bobby and Victor Mercado. Another v card, electronic business card.

Exhibits TXT 14 and 15- 14 is another text message from a later PIN of Kwame to Derrick Miller on July 23rd 2004. Next one same date to Bernard and Bobby.

14: V card sent to Derrick Miller.

15: Text between Kwame and Bobby and Bernard reflecting his new pin.

Now looking at TXT 5- from Bobby Ferguson to Kwame Kilpatrick on August 8th 2002.

11::27AM Looking at an exchange between ckasper@tmail.com - Mahlon clift-and Bobby Ferguson on February 16th 2005. Regarding new blackberry number for clift. at the end, Bobby announces his new pin. Bobby did not continue to use his SKYTEL after this.

TXT 12: Witness looks at text message exchange between Victor Mercado and Derrick Miller and Kwame Kilpatrick. First entry is Victor announcing his new two way address. Kwame responds. Got it. can't wait to talk with you. see you later."

RC 11: Text message on August 3rd 2004 between Bernard and Kwame. Reply from Bernard: cool! We need to have one of our meetings.. you, nme zeke and Bobby... (Zeke is Derrick miller.)